Parents and Bubs Fitness

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KICK INTO FIT...  Thursdays 10-10:30am *starts 14th Feb 2019

Get the kids drop off... food shopping... cleaning... organising... school activities.... dinner.. dishes.. bath time... bedtime stories,,, and now I'm meant to go to the gym!!! Sound familiar... oh and add a little bundle of joy attached at the hip and you have a typical day. After doing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE else is there ever time for YOU? If you are like me and so many other mums that answer is NO! Yet we are so hard on ourselves expecting to look like a cover girl model with zero time to workout.... That's where Kick onto fit comes in. 

Group fitness class with mums (and dads) just like you with little ones in toe. No boring gym classes or crèche or the need to find a babysitter for a workout. Bring the little ones along, have fun with them while working out and feeling great. 

* Express 30mins  * Parents and bubs (newborn to 3years) * All fitness levels * Barefoot

* Safety matting for little ones * Fun and friendly * Small groups * Taught by mum of 3

My Kick into Fit classes are designed so parents can interact with their kids while still getting a great workout. Sessions are designed to be fun and interactive with the needs of busy mums and dads in mind. Instructor Kristy and her 3yr old daughter Scarlet and now Baby owen (5months) will take you through body and baby weighted exercises to help you feel fit and healthy aswell as a calming cool down for both you and bub to relax. Each session is finished with a herbal tea and some chatting (and support) with newly found friends.