Master Kristy Busuttil 6th Dan
Owner/Head Instructor 

Kristy started Taekwondo at the age of 9 at Jung Moo Taekwondo Footscray. During her Taekwondo Career she reached great heights including Gold and Bronze medals in the 2006 Commonwealth games, along with numerous state and national titles in creative poomse. During which she underwent specialised training both in Australia (AIS Canberra) and overseas.

Kristy has achieved just as much out of spotlight including her 2nd Dan black belt in Karate where she taught for a number of years. A qualified Personal Trainer and NCAS level 1,WWWC, State and national poomse judge, coach Kristy also has completed courses including Active after school care programs, first aid and Self defense specializing in children’s and women’s self defense and awareness.



Assistant Instructors

All our instructors are qualified Blackbelts with Kukkiwon and Australian Taekwondo approved. They are highly skilled in a various areas of martial arts, including self defence, sparring, poomse and traditional taekwondo.

Rob Abboud 4th Dan

Anton Abboud 2nd Dan

Micheal Jaguila 1st Dan