Jeongsin “the spirit of “ Taekwondo. A Martial art for EVERYONE!

“The hardest step is the first one you take onto the mats” .. Master Kristy

Being part of the Jeongsin Family, you will:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase fitness, flexibility and strength

  • Feel aware, in control and motivated to set goals

  • Learn self-defence, discipline and respect

  • All this and so much more in a fun, friendly, safe and inclusive environment




Lil Taeks (4-8yrs)

A great beginner kids class for younger kids. Build confidence, discipline and respect through basic martial arts techniques striking, blocking and kicking. Learn realistic self defence and explore antibullying in a safe non aggressive environment. Kids will also improve fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and resilience. A perfect starter class inclusive of all levels of physical and mental ability.

Monday 5:30pm, Wednesday 4:30pm, Sunday 10am

New class starts Term 3 Monday 4:30pm BOOK NOW!


Intermediate (9-12yrs)

This class is a great mix of kids and pre teens from white belt to blue belts. This mid level class is full of both the foundation movements into more advanced techniques across different sections in martial arts such as self defence, sparring and poomsae. An awesome class to make new friends and build self esteem through goal setting and more challenging skill sets.

Monday and Wednesday 5:30 and 6:30pm, Sunday 10am

Seniors (13yrs plus)

Our seniors class a perfect match for the beginner teens and adults all the way upto experienced students and black belts. This friendly supportive class is great for anyone that has ever wanted to lean martial art but never got around to it or didn't feel comfortable starting. No previous experience or fitness needed seniors classes will teach you the basics, up to competition level taekwondo while giving you a great workout, increasing strength focus and reducing stress. One not to be missed!!

 Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm, Sunday 9am


Family/Mixed (Parents and kids / all ages and abilities)

This is the session for everyone. Mums and dads can train with their kids in the one session. Siblings of different ages can fit into the same lesson making the sports run easier. Our family and mixed classes cater for all levels and ages with a great overall program.

Tuesday 5:30 and 6:30pm, Thursday 6pm and 7pm, Sunday 11am.



Get fighting fit with this competition based class. A great class for competition prep or just fitness. Running during comp season only (march-oct)

Thursday 8pm

Women’s self defence and fitness.

A one of a kind class that is 100% female class. Specifically designed hand to hand combat techniques for women,taught by female instructor in a female only class. This is not a course it is an ongoing session that you can train in blocks of days, weeks, months or years! All skills are easy to use and remember. Plus its a great fun workout!!

Tuesday 7:30pm

Coming soon..

Adults and Teen beginner class.


Jeongsin Taekwondo Class Timetable.png


$120 per term (10 weeks, includes 1 class per week). Multiple classes available at discounted rates.

Start up pack $100. Includes life time membership, 1st year insurance and free Adidas uniform (RRP $79.95).

No lock in contracts. Pay only for what you use.