Jeongsin Taekwondo, meaning the spirit of Taekwondo was born out of the spirit to help everyone find their way to a better life through the journey that is martial arts.

We believe that martial arts although challenging in nature, can provide the perfect environment for developing many positive personal attributes such as fitness, goal setting, resilience, humility and focus.

Our classes are designed on ‘old school’ training principles. We have a a focus on traditional techniques including strength, conditioning, discipline and respect. All in a safe and friendly family environment. You’ll enjoy the benefits of increased health, fitness and weight loss.

We promise that when you train with Jeongsin Taekwondo you will train to the best of your ability in a unique, engaging and empowering setting. With you the student, as the driving force behind the spirit that is Jeongsin Taekwondo.

We offer classes and workshops to suit all levels